Helpful Guidance On Locating Major Criteria In Caning Supplies

Helpful Guidance On Locating Major Criteria In Caning Supplies

Caning Supplies

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The Commission expects stocks within the EU's quota regime to fall to a record low 700,000 tonnes at the end of the 2015/16 season in September, Martin van Driel of the Commission's agriculture directorate said. This was below the 1 million tonnes in 2010/11 when the Commission also took special supply measures, he told the annual congress of the World Association of Beet and Cane Growers (WABCG). The Commission had suggested to member states adding 300,000 to 400,000 tonnes in supply, which would be obtained through import tenders, he told Reuters on the sidelines of the event. His comments confirmed reports by traders that the EU's executive was considering supply measures for such a volume. Van Driel said the Commission wanted to have measures ready if supplies were to run low, particularly as EU imports were running below last year's pace in view of weather problems in some exporting countries. The plans will be put to a market management committee of EU country representatives later this month in order for the measures to be ready if supplies in parts of the EU are tight in the final weeks of the season that ends on Sept. 30. The proposal drew criticism from grower representatives at the conference, who argued that extra supply would depress prices and hurt producers just as they are preparing the liberalisation of the EU quota regime in 2017. Next year's reform will abolish production quotas and minimum prices, prompting larger sugar processors to plan higher output and exports, backed by expanded beet plantings. Copyright Reuters, 2016

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